Sunday, January 29, 2012

MEMBEBEL | 20 Reasons Why You SHOULD Date a Photographer

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera.

Ok haritu dah share psl 50 sebab kenapa korang tak patut deting dgn photographer kat sini:
50 Reasons NOT to Date A Photographer

Kali ni nak share kenapa korang PATUT plak :)

  1. They work well in the dark 
  2. They look at things in different angles
  3. They'll show you the light.
  4. They work well on many settings 
  5. They know how to focus 
  6. They can make big things look small and small things look big
  7. They’re always carrying their cameras
  8. You can talk to them about other stuff different from football. 
  9. They can find the beauty in anything 
  10. They will always make you smile
  11. You will go to beautiful places at the best time of the day. 
  12. They know at what time is the sunset and the dawn, where does the sun gets out from and where the sun hides. 
  13. Your profile photo will be artistic. 
  14. You'll be their favorite model. 
  15. Every moment is carefully documented
  16. You don't have to diet because they'll photoshop everything
  17. They will always see something magical in even the simplest things, even garbage (seriously)
  18. They know little roads you’d never think to go through
  19. They come with cool gadgets
  20. Old people love them and kids always follow them.

So? Carilah pasangan yg merupakan sorang photographer. Hidup anda akan penuh dgn adventure dan anda akan sentiasa kelihatan jelita walaupun tanpa mekap :D

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  1. Aik.. 50 berbalas 20 ni acane ni broooo


    1. ala pastu seri, nnt time penalti yg SHOULD menang, SHOULD NOT kalah :P

  2. wow!! boleh guna alasan nk cari pakwe nih, lol =D

  3. yahoooo....aku ada harapan nak beristeri.... pilihlah aku... menjadi temanmu...akan setia selalu...hahaha